• Actuarial Internship General Insurance Summer 2022
    15/04/2022 - Graeme Charters
    Apply for our General Insurance Actuarial Summer Internship

    Our Summer Internship is open to all candidates who wish to gain experience in the general insurance actuarial profession. This will be a paid internship for a duration of 2 - 3 months (dependent on holidays, university term dates).

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  • Solvency II Call for Evidence Response
    30/03/2021 - Graeme Charters
    How Solvency II can be Improved for Smaller General Insurers

    HM Treasury’s recent call for evidence as to how the UK can use its Brexit freedoms to improve Solvency II for UK insurers, policyholders and society closed a few weeks ago. City Actuaries shares some thoughts on the Call and some of the specific items addressed.

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  • Actuarial Consultants Resource Allocation
    18/01/2021 - Graeme Charters
    Business Growth and Improving Resource Allocation

    I’ve recently been working with an insurer that has seen rapid growth in new international markets. Their expansion last year was especially strong, so much so that, when it came to their actuarial function, their fees had doubled.

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  • Actuarial Support for Finance Directors
    11/01/2021 - Graeme Charters
    Use Case 2: Developing Actuarial Talent In-House

    For smaller insurers, full outsourcing of actuarial services isn't always the best option. We also work with clients to build capacity and develop their own actuarial talent in-house.

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  • Actuary Outsourcing Insurers
    04/01/2021 - Graeme Charters
    Use Case 1: Outsourcing the Actuarial Function

    We understand the reservations senior people may have about bringing an actuarial consultant into their business. Here's how we turn outsourcing from a source of trepidation into a font of business value.

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